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    Get started with Smyle Toothpaste Tablets and get a travel/storage tin and Smyle tabs for 14 days for free. Just cover shipping €2.99. 

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    With Smyle Subscription, you save 25% compare to a single purchase. Toothpaste tablets are all-natural, vegan and 100% plastic-free.

    • SMYLE is good toothpaste - independently tested 
    • FREE and CO2 neutral through your letterbox 
    • Save 12 toothpaste tubes per person per year 

    Why your current toothpaste is outdated?

    • Plastic tubes takes 400 years to biodegrade. This means that the first toothpaste tube you ever used as a child, still exists somewhere unless it was incinerated. Can you believe that?
    • And that's not all, most of these toothpastes contain microplastics, which causes serious pollution of waterways, beaches & oceans. This affects millions if not billions of ocean creatures’ lives.

    Smyle toothpaste tabs are all you need for sustainable brushing.

    • Plastic-free packaging
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Vegan & Gluten-free

    Switch to Smyle & make a difference!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 376 reviews
Soddisfatto seppur alcune pastiglie sono arrivate rotte

Grazie al dentifricio solido mi trovo benissimo! Non solo perché faccio del bene al pianeta ma anche perché ho in mano un prodotto che funziona!
Mi lascia la bocca fresca, e ha un buon sapore;
L'unica pecca riscontrata è stata trovare alcune pastiglie rotte, per il resto sono veramente soddisfatto.

Matt O.
Change the world a step at the time

Received my first tablets yesterday and it feels good. Need to get used to it, but nice taste and really being part of this movement that changes the world one small step at the time. A very clever concept!

Sterk verbeterde smaak

Wat een verrassing na mijn tweede bestelling - de smaak is nu veel sterker (frisser) geworden. Waar mijn oude tabletjes weliswaar super poetsten maar niet zo'n frisse nasmaak achterlieten, is dat met deze batch echt veel beter. Heerlijk schone tanden en nu ook een heerlijke frisse adem. Super product! Nooit meer tubes voor mij!

Emma Lund
I love Smyle!

I have told all my friends about Smyle!

Jayne Tolley
Great find

First week had to make sure I didn’t swallow the tablet after chewing, but I got there! Now it’s great, my teeth feel clean and fresh. I also love the idea they are so easy to carry, not taking up much room in my wash bag, and the bonus is I’m able to do another small change to help with our environment. Fast delivery which is also environmentally friendly so I’d say that’s a win, win!


CAUTION: You save up to 12 plastic tubes each year per person.


We don’t do parcel/package deliveries.We only do mailbox deliveries.

Because the postmen delivers his post in envelops already in his traditional round, often via bike. We’re hitching a ride with him.  

Thus no extra mini-van or car driving to your home address is needed, avoiding CO2 emissions.